Basic Introduction to Hip Hop

Hip hop music was initially developed during the late 1970s. It wasn’t as famous as it is right now. It developed in the poorest areas of New York City by Latino teenagers and African American. As a result, hip hop further produced various talents such as graffiti art and breakdancing. Majority of the young people were jobless, while some of them worked as DJs in discos. Sometimes they would play funk and disco tracks at a non-stop rate and ask their friends to act as their MC’s. The MC introduces the DJ to the neighbourhood and encourages everyone to dance and have an amazing time with 2018 hip hop mix download beats.

The Vital Pillars of Hip Hop 

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While some still debate over the number of elements in hip-hop, there essentially four elements which are assumed to be the main backbone of this genre. These vital elements are considered to be as –  deejaying, turntabling, rapping or MCing and emceeing or rhyming. The other talents of hip hop also include modern arts like graffiti painting, which is also known as graf or simply writing and lastly the funky break dancing, which is popularly known as B-boying. This yet again flaunts 2018 hip hop mix download in a way that encompasses dance, attitude and style. All this along with a kind of virile body language.  The well-known philosopher – Cornel West described the reputed hip hop fashion  as “postural semantics.” Lately, many artists have come to cite yet another fifth important component called “knowledge of self consciousness.” Another upcoming pillar of the fast growing trend includes street fashion and language.

Basic types of hip hop

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Hip hop dance style can be divided into two types- new school and old school. Old school dance includes styles like break dance, popping and locking which became famous among black dancers, whereas new school dance focused more on the footwork than aerobic work. The only difference between the new school and old school hip hop is the quality and content that people sing dance and rap about. At present our culture is focused around abuse, sex, murder, drugs, jail, money, cheating, and other stuff. Back in the days rap was all about life, current situation of the world and how minorities were neglected. It was more like a way for them to be heard on a larger scale rather than speaking about it to people who wouldn’t even listen. Majority of the people get confused with hip-hop and rap. 

Rap and hip hop is treated like a way of life. Most of the rappers today seem stupid, but are extremely smart. Rap is not as pretty as violin songs and piano. If you take some time to listen to rap songs and decipher them, then you will definitely notice that 2018 hip hop mix download and majority of hip-hop artists and rappers are trying to spread a message across the world and that was the reason why hip-hop and rap were created.